The New NHS (2012)

Many of you will be aware that there are major changes taking place to the NHS that will come into effect in April 2013. However much preparation has gone into this change and there are already processes operating in shadow format ready for the final change next year.


From October 1st 2012, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will start to take some control of activity from the previous PCT organisations. In Lancashire, there will be one NHS Lancashire organisation made up of the previous five legacy PCTs (Blackpool, Blackburn, North Lancs, Central Lancs and East Lancs). Structures have been put in place for a Direct Commissioning Transition Board and Eye Transformation Boards (ETB). The latter will be the forum that analyses and assesses current delivery of NHS services in a primary care setting. Once fully assessed, any new processes thought to be worthwhile will be suggested to CCGs for their consideration.
It should be remembered that CCGs will retain the finances to provide funding for any new projects.


The ETB will suggest rationalisation of similar, but not necessarily the same, schemes in different areas following assessment.


Your LOC secretary (Mike Broadhurst) has been a member on the Direct Commissioning Transition Board since its inception, but this role will be now taken by Mary Lyons, who is from Public Health and has been elected the Chair of the Eye Transformation Board. The Eye Transformation Board is made up of local optical committee members, NHS Lancashire representatives, local ophthalmologists, and members of the CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards have also been invited to be in attendance.


Primary Care Trusts will start to disappear over the next six months running up to April 2013, at which time the contracts held by all Primary Care contractors will be held by the National Commissioning board (based in Leeds). Management and monitoring of these contracts will also be done from the Leeds office, but the likelihood is that local 'teams' will deal with local practitioners, based upon instructions from the head office. Work forces within the NHS have been dramatically cut over the last twelve months and it is likely that the team working on behalf of Lancashire will be the same size as that was previously running one of the legacy PCTs. Initially therefore, whilst CCGs are finding their feet, it may be difficult to obtain direct access to a local individual. However if any difficulties are encountered I would suggest that you contact your LOC secretary on to try to assist with any problems.


All payments will continue to be made through LaSCA and you should still continue to send all paperwork to existing addresses unless you are advised to the contrary.


It is hoped that as new documentation comes to light that this information will be downloaded onto this site for information.


I would suggest that before printing any documents on this webpage that you check the size of the document before hitting print, as some can be quite large.


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